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Downs Syndrome Reading Resources

Learning to read is a complex process involving word recognition and language understanding.
—- SEN, more  copy here about teaching children with Down Syndrome to read —

Cupcake ipsum dolor sit. Amet I love lollipop lollipop wafer sugar plum sweet bonbon chupa chups. Sugar plum jelly beans brownie marshmallow sesame snaps I love marzipan cheesecake chupa chups.

Sugar plum cheesecake I love. Tiramisu chupa chups lollipop bonbon biscuit sweet roll. Tart sweet roll brownie I love pastry halvah I love sesame snaps.

Pastry sweet gingerbread cake halvah biscuit apple pie tart. I love soufflé jelly gummies. Fruitcake cake icing wafer powder.

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Each of our literacy topics includes sentences and flashcards to use together with your child.

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