Teenager Lad

Down Syndrome Training Day

‘Communication for Life’

Communication for Life- developing communication skills for real life communication challenges of the teenage years and young adulthood

A day for families and professionals supporting children and young people with Down syndrome from age 9 to young adulthood. We look at communication issues in the context of adolescence, a time of transition from childhood to adulthood. We explore ideas and strategies that can support communication around key issues for teenagers and young adults, focusing on strengths and challenges associated with Down syndrome. If puberty is on the way or has arrived already, this course will help to map out future directions and priorities, as well as discussing practical strategies for everyday challenges.

For  information on hosting this course in your area please call Down Syndrome Development Trust on:
Tel: 01273 615073, Mb: 07897 373839.

About Symbol UK:
Symbol brings together skilled practitioners and commissioners to develop innovative services that enrich the lives of children and adults who have Down syndrome and other special needs. Our work supports clients to develop their skills and confidence, to make choices about their lives and improves their opportunities to engage with and contribute to the community