Downs Syndrome Awareness Week
Out of 1000 babies born one will have Down’s Syndrome
That’s around 750 babies in the UK every year

DSi (Down Syndrome International) has coordinated World Down Syndrome Day since 2006. However, on 10 November 2011 the United Nations adopted a resolution to designate 21st March as ‘World Down Syndrome Day‘.

The aim of the week is to raise awareness and understanding of the condition and to further promote the rights of those with Down’s Syndrome to enable them to enjoy a full and active life in their communities.

You can host your own awareness fundraising event such as cake sale, coffee morning,  pot-luck dish, dress-down day at you school or work. To find idea look at our A to Z of fundraising.

Help us raise funds for Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week

Download a logo and fundraising pack here.

Pack includes:
A to Z of fundraising ideas
Pdf of logo (large enough for bucket or A3 or A4 poster)
Risk assement guidelines

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