Rhythmic Movement and Play Training

This workshop looks at movement and development, especially in the pre-school and primary years and how we can use Rhythmic Movements and other activities with young children to make sure they are able to participate and successfully achieve at school.

Ideal for parents, Child Minders, Early Years Pre-school Teachers and SPLD Associates and teaching assistants

 RMT is a practise dedicated to bringing balance and integration to children and adults with specific learning obstacles including ADD/ADHD, dyspraxia, dyslexia, coordination difficulties and  Autism spectrum Disorder. It can also bring benefit to people with mild to severe behavioural and emotional challenges. The practice evolved from studying the role of the movements and reflex patterns that babies naturally make from concept through to walking.

The exercises you will learn on this training day will provide an effective means of stimulating ones tactile (touch), vestibular (balance and gravity) and proprioceptive (inner awareness of body) senses for integrated system operation.

Date:  Monday September 26th         9.00am – 3.30pm   Registration at 8.45am

Venue: TBA, East Sussex,

Cost: £35 for parent/carer….£85.00 Professional

Includes manual and certificate

Refreshments are available

Lunch is not provided


Bookings: Please email your details and required number of spaces to: hello@downsyndromedevelopment.org.uk