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Syndrome Specific Speech and Language Therapy

Welcome to our new Tutoring Service

We are currently running a tutoring service for children and young people with Down syndrome using DS best practice techniques.

No matter where your child is with their skills, our tutors will be able to support your child’s learning from the basics up-to GCSE.

These best practice techniques are delivered in a fun and engaging manner to help your child/young person build on their curriculum vocabulary and literacy skills.

How it Works

Your child will complete an educational questionnaire so the tutor can plan the lessons and activities appropriate to your child.

These sessions are available online and can be delivered into schools to support teachers and TAs with DS best practice.
Also during out-of-school hours as top-up learning.


Each session is between 30-45min depending on the child’s level of concentration and costs £25.00.
Fees are paid in advance. There are discounts for block payments.

All ages welcome

To find out more or to register your interest, please contact us at:, call us on 01323 893323 or message us via DSDT Facebook –

Meet the Tutors

Video coming soon.