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Activity Gifts

Outdoor Activities with DSDT
Outdoor Activities with DSDT

We have been able to provide activities to many children and young adults with Down syndrome thanks to our wonderful gift providers.

We are looking for further donations to help 10 children go sailing or paddle boarding at our local Cuckmere Haven centre here in East Sussex.

Can you step-in to help?

Visit the Gift an Activity page here and explore the activities on offer with options to suit your donation, from £7 to £250!

Contact Us

If you’d like to donate by phone please do get in touch with the DSDT’s director, Sensay at hello@downsyndromedevelopment.org.uk or +44(0)1323 893323.
You can also find other ways to donate to the DSDT here.

Gifts include:

Brighton Sea Life Centre

8 kids to go to see life centre £200 funded by JXP xxxxx
Brighton Sea Life Centre

8 children went to Brighton’s Sea Life centre funded by £200 from JXP.

Cinema Trip

Cinema trips with the DSDT 2022
Cinema Trip

8 children go to the movies once per month with £400 funded by Harry Barnes construction.

Some Parent/Carer Testimonials

“A professional team of staff, great activities that are planned and delivered to our children of all ages and needs. I’m so grateful we are a part of this community. There’s always something new and exciting on the horizon!”

Anon, from a questionnaire

DSDT. You are awesome!
Thank you  for all your dedicated work x x x

“We’ve really appreciated DSDTs efforts to establish and formalise our Down Syndrome Community and the opportunity to be a part of this group. It is very easy for the specific needs of our children to get lost in the system and working together means that we are seen and heard. It’s been great talking with other parents who have many shared experiences and challenges in a really positive environment. Our child has loved the activities and really looks forward to the opportunities, which are always a nice change from the usual offer out there, and have helped her to feel a part of something both with us and independently”

Anon, from a questionnaire