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DSDT Support

Our service includes support to individuals and their families via research based training workshops, outreach, educational enrichment and social groups for children and young people living with Down syndrome.

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DSDT Reading Intervention

The reading intervention itself is based on the proven sight reading techniques used by renowned organisations such as DSE in the UK and the Institute of Human Potential in the US. You can support your child at home with our Flashcards and Sentence strips, read more here. Or read about our consultation service here.

Down Syndrome Research

A range of research articles and information can be found here.

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Nutritional Hub for Parents

Workshops on Nutrition for children with Down Syndrome, by Dr Ese Stacey of the Hannah Trust. “The workshop was very informative but informal so felt very welcomed with my 19mth old. ” “Content was extremely useful and exceeded expectations.Trisomy 21 & Antioxidants Talk Additional topics to be announced soon. Email us to be added to the list for the next workshop. Further info: You can read Dr Ese Stacey’s Biography here.

Our Aims

Delivering the support services and specialist interventions necessary to improve and enhance the lives of people living with Down syndrome.

Training and Support Services

By engaging and supporting schools, early years and parent support groups we can help them to deliver the best education possible to children living with DS and we aim to provide the tools and resources necessary to achieve this.


Identifying work opportunities and provide social activities for people living with DS.

Scientific Research

The development of approved research and scientific knowledge is vital to further the understanding and treatment of DS, the Down Syndrome Development Trust will actively engage and support those participating in approved science.

Working together

Working together with scientists, practitioner’s, families and individuals we can achieve a greater outcome, enabling people with DS to live successful happy lives making a positive difference to the communities in which we all live.

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Up-to-date knowledge of Down Syndrome ensures the most effective way of planning support and strategies of intervention for people of this population. Read More.

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