Sleep Problems In children with Downs Syndrome

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Having trouble with sleep issues? Tuck provide in-depth sleep product reviews. Their primary mission is promoting sleep health awareness, and most recently, products that may help people with down syndrome deal with common disorders like sleep apnea, insomnia, and other issues that can cause shorter and more fragmented sleep. Visit the link here: https://www.tuck.com/


Time I had a Calendar

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This leaflet describes how calendars can provide a visual representation of time so you can see timescales like three months, five weeks, six days: they show information that can be difficult to ‘know’ when you hear the words.


‘Follow up clinics’ invaluable hands on training opportunities

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Down Syndrome Development Trust follow up clinics for schools and parents. Follow up clinics after each training day are a good way of expanding the knowledge of parents and supporting members of staff; helping gain further guidance and support for teaching children and young people with DS on methods of best practise. What happens at the clinics? The children take part Read more…


Cranial clinic update

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Bryn Musson (registered  Osteopath) in Partnership with Down Syndrome Development Trust. Cranial clinic. Parents inform us that after a number of sessions their children received immediate health benefits. Benefits to Cranial Osteopathy Cranial osteopathy can have a number of positive effects on the skeletal development of the body. It has also been reported to make a big difference with upper respiratory issues Read more…