Cranial Osteopathy – clinic now available

When and where

Runs one Saturday a month
Location: Seaford, East Sussex

About Bryn Musson (Registered Osteopath)

I qualified as an osteopath in 2000, and have been working at 3 different clinics through Sussex since then.  I particularly enjoy working with children and babies and have had quite a lot of experience of treating children with Down’s syndrome.  Osteopathic treatment with children is very gentle, to the point of not looking like you are doing anything at all, not like the joint cracking that people tend to expect from osteopaths and chiropractors.  The aim of the treatment is to ensure that all areas of the body have the freedom to move properly, and are receiving the right blood supply and nerve supply so that all the tissues can function as well as possible.

Treating issues relating to Down Syndrome

With Down Syndrome the most common problems I have seen are related to getting recurrent colds and chest infections.  Treatment through the chest can make a big difference to the breathing and reduce production of mucous as well.  We also work through the skull which may have an effect on brain development.  While there is very little medical evidence for what we do, my own experience is very positive.

To find out further information or register you interest contact the DSDT

Tel: 01323 890016