Dr Ese Nutrition Down Syndrome

Optimal Health and Down Syndrome

Dr Ese is a Sport and Exercise Medicine doctor, previously a GP, who loves food and helping people to get well and stay well. Ese’s involvement with Down syndrome issues came about after her second child Hannah was born with the condition in 2005.

Since then Ese and her husband Simon have worked tirelessly to help change the health and lives of Down syndrome children. As parents who were both doctors, they have sought out knowledge about the treatments that would make the biggest impact.

Staying Well with T21 – an introduction

Here you can watch Dr Ese introduce you to her approach to helping children with Down syndrome manage symptoms, stay well and be their best self.

Watch the video webinar in full

Dr Ese Stacey takes you through her approach to general wellbeing for all but especially for children with Down syndrome. How nutrition, in particular gut health, can play a vital role in supporting your child’s journey to optimum well being.

Full Webinar – suggested donation £5.

This webinar was a paid event streamed live from Ese’s website in Nov. 2020. You can view the video on Youtube here.

Donate Now to the DSDT You can donate in numerous ways – see here downsyndromedevelopment.org.uk/donate/

Dr Ese’s web site

You can find out more about Dr Ese and her talks via the website here – doctorese.com