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Help our children enjoy meaningful opportunities

Our charity is here to help people with Down’s syndrome to enjoy their lives and support them on the journey of the many challenges they face.

We do this by offering tailor made opportunities to improve outcomes for many in education, sports, social and communication groups, music and much more. We would like to offer the opportunity for individuals and businesses to support our aim, helping more of our children and young people get access to meaningful quality opportunities of their choosing, to improve their skills, enhance their access to their communities and improve their mental health and wellbeing.

These opportunities also provide much needed short breaks for families.

We’d love to hear from you!

Are you a parent or carer of someone with Down syndrome? Contact us to find an activity you could join.

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Find out more about how you can help fund an activity to help children with Down syndrome.

Horse Grooming DSDT 2022
Horse grooming with The DSDT



“DSDT is so friendly and welcoming and my son definitely has a sense of belonging, it is so lovely to see him making friends and having fun with such dedicated and knowledgeable staff. DSDT is so committed to giving all the children and young adults such variable experiences. Everyone is totally included in everything they do.”

Anon, from a questionnaire

“DSDT has been a consistent support since my pregnancy with whatever we need at the time. DSDT is always optimistic and encouraging about what my child can achieve and about what we as a family can achieve.”

Anon, from a questionnaire

Sailing at Piddinghoe lakes


Sailing at Piddinghoe lakes

Alex loved it. Can’t thank you all enough ❤️ So lucky to have DSDT to bring so much joy to the children and parents xxx

“A safe place to be with like minded people and families without judgement. Everyone is so helpful and accommodating. We really appreciate how much effort and planning goes into each session and it means so much to our family that you can offer great opportunities at a low cost. Thank you!”

Anon, from a questionnaire