Boy matching word cards

Reading intervention is based on the proven sight reading techniques also used by renowned organisations such as DSE in the UK and the Institute of Human Potential in the USA.

Techniques currently recognised as the best practice method of teaching children with Down Syndrome how to read and develop speech and language skills.

How it works

Using the Oxford Reading Tree books, and the DSDT’s own resources for sentence recognition and flash cards, we enable care providers and parents with important visual aids in developing and improving reading fluency.

Getting ready to read

Other elements of the reading intervention include preparing for reading: work on sensory integration exercises (getting the body ready), and music and rhythm practice. Both scientifically proven to better develop brain organisation and focus.

This scheme is designed to get you started on good reading practice. DSDT staff will guide you through the activities, and provide you with advice on how to further implement them into your day.

Who is it available to?

The intervention is available to schools or individuals wanting to develop their child’s reading and ultimately speech and language skills.

How can I sign up?

To effectively get you into the swing, we offer a course of five sessions each lasting 45 minutes, over a period of five weeks.
This provides you the opportunity to ask further questions as issues arise during this time.

Now available as part of our Covid 19 remote learning services

How do I get more resources?

Additional batches of books and resources are available to purchase or loan.

For all enquiries and costs please: