Down Syndrome Development Trust

Welcome to the Down Syndrome Development Trust. Our aims are to provide families, individuals and professionals resources and opportunities to access skilled educators.

About DSDT

DSDT Reading Intervention Available Now

The reading intervention itself is based on the proven sight reading techniques used by renowned organisations such as DSE in the UK and the Institute of Human Potential in the US. Follow the link to read about other elements covered. Read more here. Sponsored by STL Design solutions


DSDT offer a range of consultancy services nationwide for families, schools and support groups. Read more.

Nutrition Hub workshops 2016 to 2017

New workshops on improving nutrition for children with Down's syndrome, starting June 1st 2016, at Brighton University (Falmer Campus). DS Nutrition Hub workshop 2016 to 2017

Support Groups

Find support groups to suit you or your child's needs wherever you are in the UK here: Down Syndrome Support Groups.


We Need You!

We need your support as there are many people living with Down Syndrome and so few resources supporting them. Our work depends on the free giving of families, friends, companies and charitable foundations. You can raise funds in many ways and those funds are vital to our work. Read more about Fundraising Ideas.


A range of research articles and information can be found here.