Down Syndrome Development Trust

Our service offer includes support to individuals and their families via research based training workshops, outreach, educational enrichment and social groups for children and young people living with Down syndrome.

About DSDT

Education Healthcare Plan Support Service 2018

For Down syndrome specific support and advice on EHCP please contact DSDT:
Tel: +44 (0)7897 373839
Or email us here.

DSDT Reading Intervention

The reading intervention itself is based on the proven sight reading techniques used by renowned organisations such as DSE in the UK and the Institute of Human Potential in the US. You can support your child at home with our Flashcards and Sentence strips, read more here. Or read about our consultation service here.



DSDT offer a range of consultancy services nationwide for families, schools and support groups. Read more.

Nutrition Hub Workshops Great Results!

2018 Intro Workshop on Nutrition for children with DS,
by Dr Ese Stacey of the Hannah Trust.

Tongdean Ave, Hove
21st November 2018
£7.00 per person

For further information please contact us.

Once the course is fully booked, we can place you on awaiting list.

You can read Dr Ese Stacey Biography here.

Support Groups

Find support groups to suit you or your child's needs wherever you are in the UK here: Down Syndrome Support Groups.


We Need You!

We need your support as there are many people living with Down Syndrome and so few resources supporting them. Our work depends on the free giving of families, friends, companies and charitable foundations. You can raise funds in many ways and those funds are vital to our work. Read more about Fundraising Ideas.


A range of research articles and information can be found here.