DSDT  and Brighton University project completed. 

About The Project

The project aimed to develop a new training intervention designed for school teaching staff currently supporting children with Down Syndrome. The funding from the CUPP programme enabled DSDT along with the project advisory board made up of colleagues from Brighton University and school leaders, to spend time researching techniques to shape the proposed training programme. Over a period of six months DSDT and the board  developed a  five day comprehensive training programme, covering many areas of evidence based techniques that are otherwise scattered and hard to seek out. The training also sheds light on many new areas of research and interventions known to have a beneficial effect on children with Down syndrome, complementing further the children’s unique learning profile. The course provides practical strategies with simple understanding, which can be easily embedded within the school home or any other setting. DSDT are now in the process of looking for ways to make it available at a cost and timetable that makes it accessible for all.

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to sponsor this course please get in touch.

 oct training

About Cupp

The Community University Partnership Programme (Cupp) aims to create sustainable partnerships that provide an enduring benefit to local communities and to the University of Brighton. On Our Doorsteps is a programme that aims to develop opportunities for all types of staff across all Faculties and Departments and students at the University of Brighton to engage with local communities that are ‘on our doorstep’.