We’re All In This Together

The Down Syndrome Development Trust’s first training event proved a success, with guest speaker Leela Baksi from Symbol UK.

About Symbol UK

Symbol has been able to demonstrate a model of speech and language therapy which acknowledges people with Down syndrome have a unqies profile which lends itself to a particular way of learning. Symbol has in collaboraration with other stakeholders, developed and research a range of specialist evidence based services.

boy with teacher

The day was very well attended by more than 50 delegates, made up of professionals and parents. The day started with and introduction from Sen Smallwood of the DSDT and then followed by comprehensive coverage of speech and language issues for children of pre school to teenage yrs by senior SALT Leela Baksi. Throughout the day Leela effectively engaged the audience giving opportunities for practical discussion and advice on topics relevant to the questions raised by the attendees. Down Syndrome Development Trust also offered delegates the opportunity to take part in a free practical follow up clinic to consolidate skills learnt on the day. This clinic is due to take place in May and will be hosted in a school within East Sussex . This clinic is now fully booked.

Quotes from people on the day

‘Comprehensive and informative’

‘Excellent content, very good presentation’

‘Very informative. excellent, easy to understand format’

Further training days and clinics available

Down Syndrome Development Trust will be hosting our next East Sussex training day on Sept 20th 2013 titled ‘I’m not stubborn, I’m tenacious‘ addressing the topic on behaviour with Guest speaker Tessa Duffy MD of the Symbol group.

A leaflet will shortly be available to download here.
This day will also be followed by a practical clinic.